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Character Branding

Some writers do Branding by laying out all their ideas on a literary conveyor belt and hope that the Brand that comes out on the other side (you know – through those little plastic flaps that hang down) is good enough to attract readers who recognize the Brand for what it is or isn’t.

However, there is another way

Look at what you have written . . . your absolute best stuff. 

Now look at your story – only from the perspective of the character.

Study your characters – what are their flaws (weakness) as well as their qualities (strengths).

How do these characters interact with the story – that is similar to the way the reader interacts with their real world.

If you build a Brand around your “character’s differences and how they react to their world” then those wonderful characters you have created –  will become Real to the Reader. 

Readers will always welcome: living, breathing, laughing, and scowling, characters. Even if these characters are: people, creatures, animals or inanimate objects.

Characters Are Always Welcome Here

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Welcome to donnie’s world

I occasionally venture into the “real world” of adult’s, but mostly I’m at home in my own world – donnie’s world – here on ‘Daydream Island’.

It’s safe place to visit, a safe place to have fun, and a safe place to take a mid-afternoon nap with your dog.

End note: If you don’t have a dog, may I suggest you go out right now and get one.  I’ll wait.

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